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Repelzol Spray Sprays Mold Away
Effective as:
Disinfectant, fungicide (against Black Mold), Mildewstat, Tuberculocida

Effective against:
Pathogenic fungi (Mold), Mildew build up, Kills HIV (aids virus), herpes simplex type 2,
Kills H1N1 influenza A, and more!


I was preparing to sell a vacant house when one day I arrived to find 4 inches of water from a rusted out hot water tank, which had probably sat for about 4 days. The basement didn't smell that good before as there was always a humidity problem, and this made it really bad. I did not wish to invest a lot of money in a house that I was not keeping, yet I wanted it to be sanitary and odor free for the buyer. The mold bomb did a fantastic job! The basement smells fresh and clean, no double better than it has in years!


New York
I’ve tried multiple different household products to remediate the mold problem in my apartment, such as bleach, Lysol, etc. NOTHING worked. I then decided that I’d had enough and began doing some research on line and came across Biocide Labs where I found the Mold Bomb product. All I’d like to say about that is thank you. It’s such a relief to not have to come home to an overwhelmingly strong musty smell and to know that the mold problem is finally fixed. Great Product!


Great product works excellent thank you for saving me hundreds of dollars on removal!


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